Citizen Access is your source for everything you need to know about living in the Lone Star State. Texas is the 2nd most populous state, with approximately 26.5 million people who call it home. Stereotyped as a football mecca, where everything is bigger (and better) and people are friendly and proud, Texas is even better than its reputation. Here you’ll find a diverse group of people who work hard in a variety of industries to make Texas’ economy the 12th largest in the world. Plus, with over 268,000 square miles of land, the Texas geography is also wildly varied. From the Gulf Coast and Piney Woods of East Texas, to the rolling hills of Central Texas, to the mountains way out West, there’s lots to explore in this great state. Increasingly, other Americans are recognizing what Texas has to offer and have started moving here in droves. Over 5 million people from all other 49 states have moved to Texas over the course of the last decade, pursuing jobs in a number of bountiful industry and enjoying the perks of no income taxes and an overall lower cost of living.

At Citizen Access, we love living in this great state, and want your experience living here to be just as awesome. From where to find the nearest DMV to where to spend your vacation time, we’ll give you the inside scoop on everything Texas. Welcome y’all!