If you want to buy or sell your mineral rights, then there are some basics you need to learn about. Knowing the basics will help you avoid potential pitfalls that are normally associated with buying and selling mineral rights in Texas. Here is a quick overview of the essential things you should consider.

1. Know What Minerals You Have

You must know your minerals. Otherwise, you might sign up for something you will live to regret later. Texas mineral rights grant the rights to explore minerals such as copper, iron, metal ore, stove, clay, sand, natural gas, oil, and clay. Texas is mainly known for producing oil and gas. It boasts some of the largest oil fields in the United States, with the biggest ones including Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale. If you are thinking about buying or selling your mineral rights, get to know what is acceptable and what is not.


2. Know What You Own

You need to determine whether you own all the mineral rights. Check what your deed says just to be on the safer side. A majority of rights include the land where the minerals are located. In this case, you will indicate that you own all the mineral rights. However, if the legal clause in the deed indicates “less and except,” then it means that you do not own the mineral rights in your deed. In this case, you might want to hire a title deed company, like Eagle Land Services, to examine to determine if you own the rights to the minerals before you sell.

3. Educate Yourself

You don’t own minerals until they are extracted. So when you sell your rights, you are simply permitting the mining company to bring the mineral to the surface, after which you can claim rights. The terms of the contract might indicate a lease or permanent ownership. You could be paid in installments, or you could get a lump sum from the sale of the ownership right. You need to learn about the various options available out there. And when doing so, you need to take into consideration certain aspects of mineral rights, such as the right to convey rights, rights to renew and extend rights, right to royalties and right to bonus considerations.

4. Understand the Surface Rights

Once you complete the sale of the mineral rights, you retain the surface rights. This means you still own the surface but not the right to minerals beneath it. In a surface right, you get more priority consideration. Though state laws provide protection, it is only done on a basic level. You may want to add more protection before you sign the contract.

5. Know What Your Mineral Rights is Worth

Determine how much money you will be paid for the rights. The standard market value determines how much the mining company will have to pay you to get the right. Check the nearby minefields and determine what their mineral rights sold for and how much they sold for. Also, before determining whether you want to sell mineral rights, consider the factors that will influence the value. These include current prices of commodities, the size of the property, size of the mineral deposit and performance of the nearby mines.


Planning a move to Dallas, Texas? It is important to know what you and your family need and what living arrangement would make you more comfortable, especially when moving to such a huge city. Dallas offers many types of homes, from small, single family homes to luxury apartments to mega mansions in Highland Park. No matter what type of home you’re looking for in the Dallas area, there’s sure to be a neighborhood that’s perfect for you.

Murphy for Family-Friendly Living

Located south of Southfork Ranch and ranked #15 on a livability scale of Texas neighborhoods,
Murphy is in Collin County, Texas. The county has several school districts to choose from, but schools located in and around Murphy received a 9.5 out of 10 on greatschools.com. This close-knit community has a population of less than 17,900, making it one of the quieter cities in Texas.

Allen for a Better Quality of Life for Large Families

Also located in the northern suburbs of Collin County in Dallas, Texas, Allen is known for having great schools (schools rank 9.3 out of 10 on greatschools.com) and sprawling houses. Families who need or just prefer a lot of space can invest in a farmhouse-style family home with a large lot. The vast, beautiful land in this quiet neighborhood mean that houses are spaced farther apart than in other places. This is the ideal location for families who love the outdoors, but who still need to be close to the amenities of the city. From Allen, you can be at The Village or the Premium Outlet Mall in minutes.

Uptown Dallas, Texas is the Young Professional’s New Home

Families, retirees, and couples can all enjoy making Uptown Dallas their permanent home. This area houses some of the most luxurious apartments, perfect for any married or single adult with or without children, who might have had to transfer for work. The spacious apartments, like those in The Monterey, offer endless amenities to help you increase work productivity and keep stress levels at bay (the apartments in this neighborhood have multiple pools and a gym).

Luxurious Living for Families and Retirees

Situated next to White Rock Lake, the Forest Hills neighborhood located in Dallas County is a great, upper-income neighborhood. People who move here are rewarded with the amount of space both inside and outside their homes. The beautiful, natural landscape of the area is enjoyed by all. There are large, open fields for kids to play and parks that are so close, you can take a stroll or a jog any time you feel like it.

Affordable Choice Neighborhood in Dallas

Lancaster is an affordable, family-friendly neighborhood in southwest Dallas, Texas. You will love the feeling of community in the neighborhood as well as the diversity. The historic community, first settled in 1844, has affordable housing and offers several elementary, middle,
and high schools for school-aged residents. Expansive parks, the Cold War Air museum, and endless opportunities for family-friendly entertainment make this neighborhood ideal for couples wanting to start a family or anyone who loves Dallas, Texas and wants to save on rent.

Best Moving Companies in Dallas

Once you’ve decided where you’re moving, it’s time to consider how to get there. If you’re looking for a reputable Dallas moving companies, check out these recommendations:

North Dallas Moving & Storage
1804 Trinity Valley Drive
Carrollton, Texas, 75006
(972) 241-1562

Cheap Dallas Movers
3839 McKinney Avenue
Suite 155-2030
Dallas, TX 75204
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Move Star
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Dallas, TX 75244
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Why So Many People Want to Call Austin Home

So, you’re thinking of moving to Austin… You’re not alone. It’s estimated that some 110 people move to Austin every day, and a lot of the out of state influx is coming from California. Many newcomers to Austin come seeking an escape from the rat race of cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Here, Read More..

Dallas is a great place to raise a family or visit with kids. The DFW offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, so families have a lot of choices about where to spend an afternoon.  Here are some of the best places in Dallas to entertain the whole family. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Read More..

The Texas Gulf Coast is an excellent choice for families planning fall RV camping trips, offering a winning combination of accessibility, affordability, and beauty. From water sports to bird watching, Texas’ beaches are a wonderful vacation option for adventurous travelers. The moderate climate of the Texas coast attracts year-round visitors of all ages – from Read More..

What to Know About the 5 Biggest Cities in Texas

Texas has a long and rich history – The Alamo, Jim Bowie and the Civil War have all played a part in making Texas what it is today. A great place to live, work, and raise a family, people from all over the U.S. are moving here in droves. Thanks to the population influx, Texas Read More..

The last few years since I’ve retired, I’ve been wandering around the state looking for a second home inland so I can be closer to relatives in Dallas and Austin. I think I may have finally found the perfect spot: Killeen. This town doesn’t conjure up images of particular quaintness or beauty, but I think it could just be the perfect spot for me. It’s in a fabulous location, just an hour outside of bustling Austin and 2 hours away from Dallas. Though best known as a military town because of its proximity to the army base of Fort Hood, Killeen actually has a lot going for it. Here are some reasons that moving to Killeen is a great idea for me and may be for you as well!:

1. Low Cost of Living

For me, living in Austin isn’t really an option, because rents and homes there over the last 5 years have climbed sky high. In Killeen, however, the cost of living is quite low, on average falling 13 percent below the national rate. Purchasing a house here is feasible because the housing costs are 22 percent lower than the average American city! The median home price is just $116,400.

2. Great School Options

Parents are often concerned what kind of education they can expect for their children when they move to a new city. I’m primarily concerned with a quality school system for resale value. Killeen doesn’t lack when it comes to schools; the Killeen Independent School District has 33 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and 12 high schools. Additionally, there are over 20 well-respected private schools for families who prefer going that route.

3. Close to Many Hospitals

Health is important and access to medical care increasingly important as I continue to age. Killeen has over 20 hospitals nearby, including the top-notch Scott & White Memorial Hospital in nearby Temple and Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals in Temple and Waco. Here, there is no reason to worry about finding adequate healthcare.

4. Mild Climate

If you aren’t a fan of the snow and ice, Killeen may be the perfect spot for you. With a year-round average temperature of 65 degrees, it rarely dips below freezing in this Central Texas town. While there have been some extreme record highs peaking in the 100s, on average summer temperatures spike in the upper 90s, while in winter months the temperatures hover in the 40s and 50s.

5. Lots to Do

Besides the great climate and good schools, there is lots to do in this city. Guaranteed, you’ll never have a boring moment as you explore the attractions from parks to trails to museums and planetariums. Here’s a good list of places to hang out and have fun:

    • Killeen Bowlerama – Satisfying all your bowling cravings and challenge your friends to a competitive match!
    • Mayborn Planetarium – Discover the wonders of space and the universe in this massive 60-foot public dome screen at Central Texas college.


6. Outdoor Fun

For those like me who enjoy time outdoors, the area has two lakes, Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Lake, both of which offer some of the finest spots to cast a line. Visitors can also boat, swim, or camp around the two lakes. Adventurous types enjoy Killeen’s 3-mile bike path or go hiking on one of the many area trails. Golfers will be happy to know there are two 18-hole courses in-town to keep their golf skills sharp.

If you find yourself moving to Killeen, there are many reasons to love your new home. No matter if you’re completing a military move or just retiring to a new place, Killeen, Texas, is a great fit for people of all ages and interests.



What You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

Texas is an amazing place to live: it has incredible food, friendly people, a low cost of living, no income taxes, lots of jobs, and affords a great quality of life. It’s no wonder, then, that people are moving here at a rapid pace. Between the summers of 2014 and 2015, more than half a million people moved to Texas, a record high for the Lone Star State. Great Guys Moving, a moving long distance company, has noted a marked uptick in the number of moves to Texas’ large metro areas. Statistics posted by another major carrier, Stevens Van Lines, shows that during the 2015 moving season two of the five most popular long distance moving routes were destined for Texas (California to Texas & New York to Texas). In fact, Texas is home to 5 of the 11 fastest growing cities in the nation, according to data gathered by the US Census Bureau. One things for certain, more and more people are realizing the perks of living in this great state.

If you, like so many others in recent years, are considering a move here, there are a few things to consider before you put down Texas roots:

Texas Has Incredible Cuisine

Texas sits in the heart of cattle country (a title its claimed since its cattle-driving days the 1860s), so the excellent steakhouses and BBQ joints the state is known for might be expected. However, in addition to its prolific beef production and consumption, Texas also has lots of regular farms with fruits and vegetables. Peaches, pecans, corn, berries, wheat, peanuts, rice, and soybeans are grown commercially, while smaller local gardens provide plenty of other fresh ingredients for farm-to-table restaurants that have popped up all over the state. Additionally, seafood lovers will be pleased to know that the Texas Gulf Coast offers an abundant catch of fish and shrimp.

Things Here Are Pretty High Tech

While the assumed Texan stereotype might be a gun-toting, horse-riding, boot-wearing rancher, Texas also has plenty of tech nerds. The Austin-area, in Central Texas, is home to big names like 3M, Apple, Dell, Oracle, Intel, Facebook, and dozens of other tech companies. In fact, there are so many tech start-ups in the capital city that it’s been referred to as the Silicon Valley of the South. Austin is the place to be for many entrepreneurs and start-ups, and it also consistently ranks among the best cities in the US. If you compare the price of real estate here to

In and around Austin is where you want to be if you’re pursuing a high tech career.  You should note that Austin is pretty affordable and is consistently ranked among the best cities to live in the US.  If you compare the cost of real estate in this hipster city to that of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco metro area, Texas starts to look mighty fine.

There’s More Than Just Country Music

Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, but just because it’s Texas doesn’t mean genres are limited to just country. Every October, thousands of people descend on Austin to attend the two-weekend Austin City Limits festival which features live music from hundreds of musical acts from around the world. Past headliners include musical acts as varied as The Civil Wars, the Foo Fighters, and the Eagles. If you move to Texas, expect to have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in some of the world’s best music.

Texas Has a Rich History

To Texans, six flags is not just a theme park, it’s the number of different flags that have been flown here over the course of the state’s storied history. First settled by Spaniards back in the 1500s, the area was also ruled by France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and finally the United States. Texans are extremely proud of their past, and particularly of the independent spirit that led to Texas winning its independence from Mexico. They like to remind the rest of America that Texas is the only state to have been its own nation, and some are even behind a movement to secede from the U.S. There’s so much history in this great state that students at Texas public schools take two entire years Texas history over their K-12 career.

You’ll Have to Learn Texan

While not all Texans speak with a thick accent, they do have a vocabulary that may not be entirely familiar to outsiders moving here. Here are some of the key words and phrases you should know:

  • “Y’all”: short for “you all”, is the South’s more charming way of referring to a group of people and is equivalent to “you guys” in the North.
  • Drop the “g”: We tend to drop the “g” of most of our verbs. In example:
    • “Going to” becomes “gonna”
    • “Fishing” becomes “fishin’”
    • “Hunting” becomes “huntin’”
  • Do not use the words “pop” or “soda” when referring to carbonated beverages – it makes Texans cringe. Here, everything carbonated is a coke. If you’re at a restaurant and order a “coke”, the waitress will likely ask what kind – Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc.
  • “Fixin to” means that you are about to do something. If you are about to mow the lawn, you might say “I’m fixin’ to mow the lawn”.


To learn additional Texan terms, please refer to the Glossary of Texan.

Texans Are a Friendly Bunch

All points of entry into the state remind drivers to “Drive Friendly, the Texas Way”. While city drivers are still pretty aggressive, drive any of the back roads and you’ll find that most people wave at passing cars. But, friendliness isn’t just limited to driving. In general, Native Texans are extremely approachable and aren’t afraid to strike up conversation with strangers. You’ll find that most are eager to help and happy to answer questions. With the potential for so many friendly neighbors, it’s no wonder that so many people move here every year.